Acıselsan Acıpayam Selüloz Industry and Trade Inc. was founded in 12 April 1972, from the local residents of Acıpayam/Denizli, with a 8.843 m2 closed area on 210.848 m2 area, producing sodium carboxymethylcellulose(Na CMC). At the last quarter of the 2012, Directorate of Privatization Administration held an privatization tender, and Verusaturk Venture Capital Trust won the tender and purchased the %76.8 shares of D.P.A (ÖİB) on 24 January 2012. Acıelsan is a firm which is open to public and company shares are traded on BIST.


Acıelsan, increased its capacity with the capacity building works and increased its capacity to 7.2 ton from 4.2 ton after the first phase with machine and equipment investments. There are only five firms which could produce CMC.


Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. operating in the logistics sector, Profreight Logistics has made 44% of venture capital investment. Profreight, founded in 2003, operates in the transportation and logistics sector. It supports all sectors of the economy in road transport, maritime transport, railway and air transportation. Also transportation projects, intermodal transportation and storage services. Profreight, at the same time, wholly owns a subsidiary, Reba Shipping, which is active in the maritime field, and was founded in 2000.


Profreight has established, with 49% partnership Samskip Denizcilik Hizmetleri Inc. The other partner is Samskip GmbH Bremen, Germany which is a direct subsidiary of Samskip, being one of the biggest logistics companies in the world. Samskip Denizcilik Hizmetleri provides services related to renting and operation of the ships between Turkey and Caspian Sea.


Kafein Software Service Trade Inc. is venture capital invested 39% by Verusaturk GSYO, was established in 2005 by senior professionals from the telecommunications and finance sector.


Kafein, provides turnkey project services, project support, outsourcing services, service management, operations management and support, software design and development. Firm, serves to the Turkey’s lagest Telecom telecom and insurance companies, banks, International Retail and Manufacturing Company.



Pamukova Electricity Generation Inc, founded in 2015 with paid in capital 70,0000,000 TL, and operates in energy industry.

Pamukova invested 19,50% in Enda Enerji Holding Inc which is an important player in Turkey considering electricity generation from renewable resources.

At the same time, Pamukova owns 94,44% of İklimya Electricity Generation Inc. which has a hydroelectric power generation plant at Erzurum.




Verusa Holding owns 4,15% of the shares of Enda Enerji Holding Inc. which is an important player in Turkey considering electricity generation from renewable resources.

Also, Pamukova Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. owns 19,50% of the shares of Enda.

Pamukova is a subsidiary of Verusaturk by 51%. The only other shareholder is Verusa Holding A.Ş. which is another subsidiary of Verusa Holding by 49%.

Enda, with paid in capital equal to 234.000.000 TL, generated electricity at its 8 facilities adding up to 273 MW installed capacity. Among this 8 power plants 5 are generating with hydro power, 1 with geothermal power and 2 operated with natural gas.

Enda Enerji Holding continues investing at the same pace. The construction of 5 different wind power based electricity generation plant is going on with expected completion date end of May 2016 and with generation capacity of 73 MW. The total investment for wind power is about 100.000.000 USD.

In addition to that, anouther hydro power plant with 24 MW capacity is among the investement plans of Enda. With the termination of these investment the total installed eletricity power generation capacity of Enda will reach 370 MW



Profreight Logistics, which operates in the field of sea transport, and founded in 2000 has 100% of the shares of Reba Shipping Services Inc. 100%. Reba Shipping Services Inc. operates in highway, seaway, railway, airway within Turkey and foreign countries firm focuses on transportation, make commitments, shipping brokerage and load brokerage.



Pamukova Electricity Generation Inc. whic has 94.44% the shares of İklimya Electricity Generation has been attended by 51% via our frim.

İklimya Electricity Generation Inc. whic is in the province of Erzurum has a hydroelectric plant in operation, with a total installed capacity of 7.49 MW.